Monday, February 25, 2013

baby iyad 3rd hearing test

another early morning for baby iyad, luckily he's an early he woke up early for his ENT appointment with Prof A...this time round it was just mama and baby iyad as papa had class in KCKL..we waited at the clinic feeling sleepy and iyad had a good nap before he started wiggling in the wrap and suddenly made a loud explosion just before his turn to see the doctor..we changed quickly just in time before we were called...

Prof A arranged for another BSER before deciding to put baby iyad on hearing aid, based on his previous BSER which showed profound hearing lost on his left ear and moderate hearing lost on his right ear...

baby iyad was put to sleep with syrup chloral hydrate and dozed off soon after...he was put on the probes on his head and ears and the test commenced...the audiologist informed me that his left ear showed some improvement the hearing as now his brain responded to 70db noise from 90db previously..his right ear also improved from 40db to 30db...but the test on the right ear did not complete as baby iyad was already awake, probably very much disturbed by the noise as he has better hearing now...i realized that too as he showed very positive response to noise before this...

alhamdulillah, we were very happy with baby iyad's positive for now, we agreed upon repeating this test in another 2 month, hopefully to see more improvement, before deciding on the hearing aid...

thank you for your prayer and support, they are very much appreciated and may Allah bless all of you with good life now and in the hereafter...


  1. Dear Kak Ezura. I'm your IIUM junior who once stumbled into this blog by chance & has been a faithful reader since then. I really don't know how you do it but you have been a great inspiration for me. I don't know how I would face it if the same thing happen to me. Stay strong akak! I know you already do. May Allah's love & mercy will always be with you, Iyad & your whole family. Amin.

    1. thank you sis for your do'a..may Allah bless you too :)

  2. Salam sis,
    You look so familiar, are you ex-MRSMPC?I'm from batch 9798, used to be your junior.But I can't recall whether we are same homeroom or u were UD at our block, slow memory already!

    Anyway, I just stumbled upon your lovely blog and ur amazing boy Iyad. May Allah bless you & and the whole of your family. U such amazing mommy!

    1. wslm nadia..yup pc 96/97, farabi..what class were u in? can't seem to recognize u as well LOL..anyway, thank you..u have an amazing blog too :)