Tuesday, June 25, 2013

a discriminating statement on people with Down Syndrome- we demand an apology petition

hello to our readers, i know you demand a pretty exciting updates on baby iyad, and yes, mama is too busy to write but we promise to keep our blog updated...

what we want to highlight today is, we need your support to sign a petition for a talented composer, Azmeer, who in a live TV show (TV3), made a discriminating statement that touched and hurt the people with Down Syndrome...in that show, Azmeer made a comment on one of the contestant's performance as "like a bunch of Down Syndrome idiots" or "budak-budak Tapaw (the contestant) ni bodoh-bodoh Down Syndrome"..

i did not watch the show at that particular time, if not i would be very furious and frustrated that such a talented composer with normal intelligence (but obviously with low awareness, heartless and insenstitive) had the gut to say such things! just imagine, how many hearts had been hurt by his statement..please note that these children with Down Syndrome have intelligent parents and siblings..they are doctors, engineers, accountants, clerks, teachers, homemakers, farmers, cleaners, cooks, to name some..they are smart and intelligent people in their fields..and they become more intelligent and smarter than you are as they brought up a very special child with extra chromosome that you and i do not have...so do not hurt their feelings...

this petition was started by a sweet mother who has a child with Down Syndrome, with a hope that the particular person and the TV station will apologize to the public, especially to the Down Syndrome community, hence to create awareness that disabled people are not at all difference from all of us, who claimed to be normal..

please follow the link below to sign the petition...we really appreciate your support...thank you..

"i am a mother of a child with a down syndrome and i'm a smart doctor with brain and my baby iyad is a smart, intelligent baby with down syndrome. who are you to say people with down syndrome stupid?? you are making a stupid statement as you did not know that people with down syndrome is smarter, intelligent and brainier than you as they never hurt other people's feelings - Dr Ezura Madiana Md Monoto and baby Ahmad Iyad Ghazi bin Asrul"

baby iyad with his normally developed siblings..they are my angels..


  1. Salam perkenalan dr ezura n baby iyad.. First time visit here, but you look familiar? May be i read your writing somewhere else before :)

    Mom to a beutiful n smart son who happen to have down syndrome

    1. assalam laili..i browse thru ur blog..zach is awesome! dah 2 yrs ye...great to know u too..keep in touch <3