Friday, April 27, 2012

week 20- short family vacation and seafood...and more food

an impromtu vacation plan has been made and we're heading to Golden Palm Tree Resort & Spa for a 2d1n treat..we booked 2 water villas side by side and they were quite spacious...the scenery was picturesque and there were many fun activities can be done..but being pregnant, i have to forget about kayaking, cycling or go karting (just because i'm too lazy to do it and due to the sacroiliac joint pain)...but we managed to have some fun moments taking turns flying the kite and jihan had fun splashing on the beach...imtiaz had fun playing with the sand and both of them had great time splashing and swimming in the swimming pool...the kids enjoyed themselves being transported in the buggy around the resort...

jihan running around on the beach
imtiaz pretending to write something on the sand

the golden couple flying the kite

we had fresh seafood for dinner and even bought some fresh fish and crabs from the market nearby to take home the next morning...the crabs were so juicy and young, i even can chew and swallow the whole crab like the soft-shell crab...

the fried fresh crab
on one of the days, we brought jihan to the dentist to have her front tooth removed as he permanent tooth was already visible behind her milk was her 2nd experience and she went through it well...we brought home the tooth and put it in a container...we told imtiaz that if he doesn't brush his teeth, he'll end up like kakak having the tooth pulled, imtiaz has been good to brush his teeth at bath time, fearing having his teeth being pulled out...

jihan showing her teeth..

 i had my antenatal check up again, my weight has increased to 56.6kg...everything was fine and the ultrasound confirmed that it's an XY...he weighed about 440g now and moving around vigorously, kicking all over the places...i had difficulty to have a comfortable sleep at night due to his kicking activities...
the ultrasound

my other half is attending a seminar in the heart of kuala lumpur and due to the far distance from home and the massive rally scheduled on the weekend, we decided to book a room at the Sunway Putra Hotel for 3 days - just me, hubby and imtiaz..jihan had school to attend but she is joining her atok and wan and makngah to melaka as the masterchef is having a cooking demo at mahkota parade that weekend..
the view from our room at 30th floor

we had relaxing moment (but quite bored though being stuck in our 1-bedroom apartment) but i enjoyed their buffet breakfast so much...imtiaz watched so much of disney channel over that 3 days and enjoying himself playing with his toy cars..we managed to see the KL International Book Fest at PWTC for about 40 min before imtiaz threw his tantrum and wanted to go home...managed to grab few books and magazines for the kids only... 
books for jihan
to the book fest

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