Sunday, November 18, 2012

baby iyad loves weekends

who doesn't love weekends..? baby iyad loves it very much as everybody is around and he gets as much attention from the others too (apart from mama)..

baby iyad had recovered from his acute bronchiolitis, alhamdulillah and he is looking forward for a fun-filled weekends with his loved ones..

so, this weekend, we were quite busy as well...makngah was very busy baking for her cakes and other delicacies that are going to be sold at Rasta Flea Market...we went to visit makngah at the flea market and even though it was hot, iyad was comfortably sleeping in his wrap...then we went off to the curve where kakak and abang went to play at the yukids island...and had lunch at TGIF...

we are all looking forward to the next weekend as we are going down south for a wedding and a trip to legoland...hopefully all will go as planned...

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