Wednesday, November 28, 2012

legoland malaysia, here we come!

as planned before, we headed south from batu pahat to nusajaya johor to legoland...the weather was quite gloomy in the morning and it was sunny and hot when we arrived at legoland at around 11 o'clock..we bought the annual pass (hoping and planning to go many times in the next one year) and the queue was quite long..with imtiaz not feeling that well and the hot weather and we got uncomfortable, there was no other way to expedite out entry, so we waited...somehow we got lucky, a friendly staff assisted us to expedite our entry..supposedly when we buy the tickets online, there's no need to queue at the ticketing line anymore...that's the purpose buying tickets online though...anyhow, we made our annual pass and rented a stroller for imtiaz and off we went exploring the theme park...

we made our stop at the driving school...the queue was quite ok and imtiaz had his chance to drive the car..he was quite slow, finding his tempo to coordinate between his legs and hands movement to control the car...jihan also managed to drive her own car and got her driving license..mama and baby iyad waited for them to finish their rides and baby dyad poo-ed during the tried to find the nearest baby-changing facility (which was actually quite far from the place we were) and found a surau and i changed him outside on the bench and breastfeed him that time, it was already zohor prayer, so she had our prayer and had our lunch at the cafe nearby..

we had lasagne, sandwich, bread butter pudding a donut and 4 drinks, and it costed us RM 75...quite expensive but the food tasted good... while having our lunch, suddenly it rained very heavily outside...we got stuck inside the cafe but had to made a move since we finished our meals and other people were waiting for us to with one umbrella, we strolled across to the souvenir shop...we got quite wet and waited inside the shop while waiting for the rain to the meanwhile, we did some lego shopping...

after the rain stopped, we returned the stroller, got imtiaz wrapped with papa and we made our way out at around 3 pm...we didn't stay longer to go  round the park as we were heading back home straight after that...

overall, it was a nice place for the whole family but since the weather was unpredictable and imtiaz was not feeling that well, the fun-meter didn't hit a perfect 10 that day....we hope to return to legoland soon (since we have the annual pass, 3 or more visits will make it worth it) and have more fun!

the lego that we bought at legoland

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