Monday, August 27, 2012

38 weeks + 3 days- os still closed

So I managed to pack my hospital bag last night and got them ready in my bedroom.. Woke up early today (even though i'm already on leave) to go for my antenatal check up..

My weight has increased to 58.8 kg, my urine and blood pressure was normal.. Baby's growth was satisfactory , the femur length at around 33 weeks.. Dr S did a vaginal examination and it was quite stinging... My cervical os was still closed and thick... So I won't be delivering little baby soon.. Since the amniotic fluid index was normal (around 10), the plan now is now to wait for spontaneous labor... My next check up will be on 6/9, but if I don't go into labor I will need a quick assessment next Monday to check for fetal growth and movement..

We got unifi now at home.. They installed it just now.. So far so good, both the internet speed and the tv..My parents and my sister started their puasa 6... I got home at around 12, and ate the leftover spaghetti..

Just got back from my second round beraya at Enstek.. Tonight, all of us went to have dinner of delicious mee kari and nasi ayam at Pak uda's house and now I'm extremely full... Jihan loved the mee kari while imtiaz chose to have the nasi ayam..

I still feel some sort of stinging sensation at my cervix especially with the Braxton hicks...apart from that, no regular contraction yet or other signs of labor..well, time to doze off..

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