Tuesday, August 28, 2012

38 weeks + 4 days- it's almost time (6.30pm)

Ok, I admit it I was so full after eating 2 bowls of mee kari and 1 plate of nasi ayam at Pak uda's house last night... I slept well until at around 5 am... I started to have backache with mild contraction pain at my lower abdomen... It was irregular but it disturbed my sleep..

Then at 6, I woke up and went to pee and found that I already had show...got myself ready, had some breakfast, whatsapp my BFF, dahlia on my progress and called my obstetrician, Dr S to tell her my condition.. It was a wet morning with heavy rain, and off we went to the hospital...

Arrived at around 9.15 am, oh, it was a male doctor at the admission centre who's going to examine me... Whatsapp dahlia again told her that I'm here and hope that she would be here to examine me.. Meanwhile, got my CTG done and it was reactive... And dahlia arrived soon after... She did a VE on me, the os opening was only 1cm with 1 cm thickness.. So she called Dr S informing my condition and decided for my admission to the ward (since it's quite far for me to go home)..

So, here I am blogging from the ward, waiting for a more regular contraction... My repeat VE at around 3 pm just now was still the same.. Now I'm having a more regular contraction, 2 in every 15 minutes of mild to moderate intensity... Dear hubby was here all along, occasionally went off to do his work at the basement..

Dr S will come at 8 to review me.. I'm praying for a smooth and safe delivery, insya Allah


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  2. sorry kak rizza, late reply..dah 29/8 hari tu...thanx..take care..