Wednesday, September 5, 2012

1 week old - it's Ahmad Iyad Ghazi

yesterday, dear hubby went to hospital to get all baby ahmad's appointment dates with the pediatrician, paeds cardiologist, ophthalmologist and audiologist and we have a list of important dates to be marked in our calendars in the next 2-3 months...

today, hubby went to his office to extend his leave until this weekend..then, he went to register baby ahmad's name at the national registration department in hentian kajang...we made our research the night before on the names that we thought to be suitable for baby ahmad..finally, we decided to name baby ahmad - ahmad iyad ghazi..

already registered

ahmad means highly praised and also the name of the prophet s.a.w, 
iyad means strength, might and support, and 
ghazi means warrior or fighter..

baby ahmad is a real fighter and we hope that he will continue to gain the strength and support to venture his journey of life with our endless love towards him ..from now on, i will write his name in this blog as baby ahmad or baby iyad interchangeably..

and his his umbilical cord stump fell off today, yeay! alhamdulillah...

our little caliph
baby ahmad's jaundice was still there but it didn't worsen..his stool was yellowish green still however he started to nurse frequently in longer duration each he would have gotten lots of my breast milk and i hope that the stool will turn mustard yellow soon...i managed to express about 3-5 bottles of breast milk per day, each about 4-5oz, and still able to breastfeed baby ahmad on demand, times, i expressed my milk for about 1-2 oz before breastfeeding baby ahmad directly as i wanted him to get more of the hindmilk, which is creamier with high calorie content...

imtiaz loves playing with his baby brother...he frequently asked me if he can take care of baby does he take care of baby ahmad? by stroking baby ahmad's head, that's imtiaz version of taking care of his little brother...and he also loves playing with and nuzzle on baby ahmad's tiny ears resulting in baby ahmad licking imtiaz's nose or cheek...

we are brothers

giving his handsome pose


  1. Dr ezura... congratulations on ur new bundle of joy... alhamdulillah... ahmad is handsome indeed ;). Allah Knows best. May He Bless & make things smooth & easy for ahmad & the family always... insyaAllah. Happy breastfeeding! :)