Saturday, September 29, 2012

baby iyad attended a forum (at 1 month old)

baby iyad is 1 month old today...our little angel had a rather academic way to celebrate his 1 month birthday when mama brought him to the Malaysian Breastfeeding Charter Forum at Eastin Hotel today...and i guess, he's the youngest participant of the day...yeay!

we went there with wan as papa brought abang imtiaz to the playgroup with kakak jihan along, i drove us there as wan didn't know the way there...while i was driving, baby iyad started to make some smacking noise and started nuzzling and searching for was his feeding time and seemed that he couldn't wait any longer..we were on the PLUS highway, there were so many cars on the road and the nearest R&R is few kilometres, i sped off (hopefully we were  not caught on the traffic camera) to the R&R so that we can switch driver...alhamdulillah, we managed to make a pit stop and switched driver and baby iyad got his lunch...and he slept peacefully soon after...

we arrived at the hotel, and i carried baby iyad in the wrap (i'm pretty good at handling the wrap now) and baby iyad behaved perfectly well throughout the forum...he slept comfortably in the wrap and only woke up towards the end of the forum as he was hungry and thirsty...

baby iyad was sleeping peacefully at the forum

it was an interesting forum and the speakers were marvelous.. they talked about the barriers and solutions to protect, promote and support breastfeeding in the end, we, the breastfeeding mothers, advocates, families, NGO, healthcare providers and those who support breastfeeding wanted the Malaysian Government to adapt the Milk Code as a law in order to protect breastfeeding, in a way to ensure our babies only get the very best of mothers' milk and to prevent the manipulative  and misleading advertisements from the milk industries that can lead to confusions among consumers...

baby iyad with auntie ning

something to ponder upon, said by Professor Dato Dr Anwar Fazal at the forum;

Breastfeeding is medicine
Breastfeeding is nutrition
Breastfeeding is economical
Breastfeeding is environmental friendly
Breastfeeding is LOVE

and baby iyad and his kakak jihan and abang imtiaz are proud to be breastfed by mama...

breastfeeding blissfully at the forum

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