Friday, September 28, 2012

baby ahmad's cardiology appointment

this morning, baby ahmad had an appointment with the pediatric cardiologist at the, baby ahmad has no heart problem (so far), but having down syndrome (DS), he is at higher risk of having a congenital heart disease compared to normal today's visit is to do an echocardiogram to screen if he has any of the problems..

so, baby ahmad behaved very well...i put him in the woven wrap in the front cross carry (FCC) way and he was very contented and comfortable in it...when we reached the clinic, we measured his weight and length, he's already 3.4kg (even though it's not much increment from his birth weight) and 50cm in length...his anthropometric measurement was charted on a special growth chart for DS children and it showed that he is growing very well...
baby ahmad is sleeping comfortably in the wrap

then, Prof B did an ECHO on baby ahmad...all went smoothly and baby ahmad gave his best cooperation to Prof B...alhamdulillah, the ECHO was normal and no further follow up needed for baby ahmad for his heart...Prof B also gave a Hepatitis B shot to baby ahmad which made him screamed very loudly for a while and settled after i put him back in the wrap...

we spent the whole afternoon in mama's postgraduate room at the hospital and baby ahmad was not at all disturbed by the conversations made by the noisy aunts in the room (*wink)...i had fun meeting my dear friends (who are mostly breastfeeding mums too) after not meeting them for the past month...

with lovely auntie aneesa

next week will be another few more appointments for baby we will be going fro and back to hospital quite frequent for the next few weeks...this weekend is full with exciting activities for us and hopefully baby ahmad will enjoy it too...

faces of baby ahmad today


  1. Dr Ezura... You are still in confinement kan? Wah bagusla... Nampak sihat & cergas ke sana, sini :)

    1. alhamdulillah nonie, yup masih belum 44 hari tp terpaksa lasakkan diri..; )