Sunday, September 2, 2012

Day 5 of life - baby ahmad goes raya visit

despite my breast engorgement, i tried to breastfeed baby ahmad frequently on demand...but he was sleeping most of the time and we had trouble to wake him up...i decided to call another tukang urut to help me relieve this engorgement...i was lucky to get one from kota warisan and she was willing to come to my house... this time, the engorgement improved a lot and i was able to express more milk from the affected side and breastfeed baby ahmad better as he got to latch properly...

his stool was still greenish and his jaundice was a bit more today but only confined to the face and upper ahmad is going to do his blood test tomorrow and hopefully it's easy for them to draw the blood...but i can't see any good visible veins on his tiny hands...we'll see how it goes tomorrow..

in the evening, we decided to bring baby ahmad for raya visit at wan tam and aki's house...we had soto and all the kuih raya and baby ahmad slept throughout the ahmad got duit raya and a pair of clothing from aki and wan tam...

we tried to make jihan understand about baby ahmad's condition and showed her some videos on Down Syndrome children...she said those children are cute and they are not different from normal children...we told her that we might need to spend more time with baby ahmad for his health check up and his early intervention program, his development might be slower than other babies and his intelligence might not be the same as hers or, all of us must be patience to take care of him and love him unconditionally no matter what the outcome is...well, i was teary when i said this to her, hoping that she understands and try her best to help us go through this difficult situation...

our children are the greatest gift Allah had ever give...insya allah, no matter what happens, we will try our best to fulfill their needs with lots of love...for a start, i'm grateful that i'm blessed with lots of breast milk for baby ahmad...that will ensure he gets the warmth of my love, all the goodness and the nutrition that will protect him throughout the years...

our precious


  1. Ezura,

    Akak kagum dengan ketabahan dan kecekalan Ezura menghadapi dan mengharungi dugaan ini. Pasti para malaikat akan sentiasa mencatit segala kebaikan yang kedua ibu bapa adik Ahmad lakukan di dalam membelai, mendidik dan mencurahkan kasih sayang kepadanya.

    Dont hesitate to contact me if you need anything that I can help.

    Kak Faridah

  2. Ezu dearest, i m deeply touched w the news as well dear.Tapi i believe being a mother of 3,ezu pasti akan lebih tabah menghadapi ujian Allah ini. Setiap anak walaupun lahir dari perut ibu yg sama pasti ade kelainan, kelemahan & kelebihan masing2.Tapi sbg ibu kita tetap syg mereka unconditionally.Baby iyad adalah istimewa dlm keluarga kita,baby iyad pun sebenarnya takut nak bertemu ibunya, takut2 x diterima....dlm rahim ezu, baby iyad dah tanya pd Allah sape nak jaga dia bila dia kuar nanti. Allah kata pd nya ade malaikat yg akan jaga kamu nanti, menyyangi baby iyad, sentiasa bersama baby iyad dan tak akan sia2kan baby iyad.malaikat itu adalah mama baby iyad. I believe u a strong loving mother and i m very sure everybody is by yrside to support u alwiz. Never ever compare baby iyad w any kids, coz baby iyad is just too special for u & the family, Take cre & see u soon, love & kisses to all the kids. Remember u r the angel to iyad!!!

  3. tq kak faridah

    tq mak uda..

    may Allah bless all of you..

  4. Salam Dr, boleh mintak contact no tukang urut yg kat kota warisan tu tak? sriledang [at] yahoo dot com